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Versatile Security delivers smart card security solution to Omegapoint

Leading Swedish IT security firm Omegapoint have implemented vSEC:CMS from Versatile Security to secure their smart card infrastructure.

Stockholm, Sweden, February 2, 2009 – Versatile Security Sweden AB today announces the successful launch of vSEC:CMS at Omegapoint AB in Stockholm, Sweden.

Omegapoint uses minidriver enabled smart cards for physical and logical access. To manage their smart cards, Omegapoint, after careful evaluation of the different products available on the market, selected vSEC:CMS Operator Token from Versatile Security.

“The high level of security with all keys located and used on the hardware token and the very fast integration into our systems, makes vSEC:CMS a perfect solution for our needs,” said Johan Lund, IT Director at Omegapoint.

“We are very excited with the interest in the new version of the vSEC:CMS and we are delighted to have such a high profile company as Omegapoint as a reference for our product,” said Per- Anders Fjärdsäter, CEO and President of Versatile Security.

About Omegapoint

Omegapoint AB is the leading IT security consulting firm in Sweden with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Kalmar and Falun. Omegapoint has since 2001 been providing its customers with Advisors and Experts in IT/Information Security, Systems Architecture and IT management. Omegapoint operates mainly in the following business areas: Defense and Public organizations, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Bank, Finance and Insurance, Media, Telecom, Automotive and Utilities.


About Versatile Security

Versatile Security Sweden AB is an IT security provider with highly scalable and customisable solutions for businesses, government bodies, healthcare and financial services that have high security demands. The company offers both server and client side solutions that enable organisations to securely authenticate, issue and manage user sessions along with providing legally binding digital transactions and verification capabilities.



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Per-Anders Fjärdsäter Johan Lund