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Versatile Security announces partnership with Biocryptodisk

Versatile Security products are now available on the iSecurePro USB Flash Disk.

Stockholm, Sweden, October 12, 2009 – Versatile Security Sweden AB today announces a partnership with Biocryptodisk of Malaysia. Through the partnership, Versatile Security has implemented vSEC:USB Secure Hosted Apps on the Biocryptodisk iSecurePro Flash Disk.

vSEC:USB Secure Hosted Apps allows mobile Citrix users to conveniently connect to their corporate applications by simply attaching the iSecurePro Flash Disk to the USB port on the device the user is connecting from. No software needs to be installed on the device the user is connecting from. The operating system on the device automatically recognizes the iSecurePro Flash Disk and prompts the user for his/her finger.

The solution will be shown on the Biocryptodisk booth Hall 3 Booth E099 at this year’s Cartes and Identification Event in Paris 17th to 19th November

The partnership will enable both companies and their network of partners, to promote and sell the combined solution.

”Biocryptodisk is excited to have the opportunity to provide Versatile Security’s innovative products for identity and access management to be available on its secure biometric access range of USB products,” said Lee Kong Pheng, CEO at Biocryptodisk.

“We are very happy to have the opportunity to work with such innovative technology and are looking forward to now deliver products to organisations that want to implement cutting edge security solutions across the world,” said Per-Anders Fjärdsäter, CEO and President of Versatile Security.

About Biocryptodisk

Biocryptodisk is a leading provider of biometrics solutions to secure mobile data, identity and access management. Key Biocryptodisk products include iSecurePro which is a biometrics secure AES encrypted USB flash memory and SK101 which employs biometrics to replace smartcard PIN entry.


About Versatile Security

Versatile Security Sweden AB is an IT security provider with highly scalable and customisable solutions for businesses, government bodies, healthcare and financial services that have high security demands. The company offers both server and client side solutions that enable organisations to securely authenticate, issue and manage user sessions along with providing legally binding digital transactions and verification capabilities.



Versatile Security Sweden AB Biocryptodisk

Per-Anders Fjärdsäter Lee Kong Pheng