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Versatile Security announces the release of vSEC:ID Server Key

Versatile Security’s new product utilises smart cards as an alternative to HSMs.

Stockholm, Sweden, November 30, 2009 – Versatile Security Sweden AB today announces a new product called vSEC:ID Server Key. By using vSEC:ID Server Key server applications can quickly and cost effectively be upgraded to use hardware protected keys instead of file based keys. vSEC:ID Server Key provides a level of security that is similar to an HSM (Hardware Security Module) at a cost more comparable to file based keys.

A typical use case for vSEC:ID Server Key is a Certificate Authority. A certificate authority has very high security requirements for its root key. vSEC:ID Server Key enables the CA to use standardised minidriver enabled smart cards to secure the root key.

“Financially it has been challenging for SMBs to protect their business crucial server applications using hardware protected keys. The products currently on the market are mostly aimed at larger projects, as they are expensive and require extensive integration. Therefore we are very excited about our new product that opens up a new market by providing features similar to the traditional products but with no integration effort and to a low price,” said Per-Anders Fjärdsäter, CEO and President of Versatile Security.

About Versatile Security

Versatile Security Sweden AB is an IT security provider with highly scalable and customisable solutions for businesses, government bodies, healthcare and financial services that have high security demands. The company offers both server and client side solutions that enable organisations to securely authenticate, issue and manage user sessions along with providing legally binding digital transactions and verification capabilities.



Versatile Security Sweden AB Per-Anders Fjärdsäter