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Date: 2012.09.10

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Versatile Security Announces Extended Partnership with NIS

Versatile Security and NIS announce an extended partnership that now enables the vSEC:CMS K-Series smart card management system to be offered in France & the Benelux region.

Stockholm, Sweden, September 10th, 2012 – Versatile Security Sweden AB announces an extended partnership with the distributor NIS, France. NIS is already distributing the next generation Smart Card Management System vSEC:CMS T-Series and will now also offer the entry level vSEC:CMS K-Series to France & the Benelux region.

“We are very happy to integrate the vSEC:CMS K-Series offer into our product portfolio in addition to the vSEC:CMS T-Series. The vSEC:CMS K-Series is particularly suitable for small card volumes which will allow our integrating partners to offer a global package including cards, readers and card management system to small and medium sized customers at an attractive price.” said Philippe Salerno, CEO of NIS.

“Versatile Security is pleased to extend its current partnership with NIS.NIS is a valuable partner for Versatile Security who has successfully been promoting the vSEC:CMS T-Series in France & the Benelux region. vSEC:CMS K-Series is the perfect solution for companies in need of a management tool for small quantities of smart cards, looking for something that is easy to use and cost efficient.” said Per-Anders Fjärdsäter, CEO of Versatile Security.

About NIS

NIS, which is the leading company for the distribution of customized solutions in the world of smart cards in France, was created in 1995 by Luc Saidi and Philippe Salerno.

Based in Gémenos in the south of France, the company is now the leading European distributor of Gemalto products and is also a Morpho (Sagem Orga) distributor. Realizing a turnover of EUR 4 million in 2011-2012, NIS offers solutions in the domains of security, fidelity, health, banking, and access controls through a network of integrators and resellers.

For more information visit the company web site:

About Versatile Security

Versatile Security is a leading IT solutions provider in the identity and access management space with focus on easy deployment of smart cards with innovative smart card management systems. The company’s customers are typically organizations that demand high security and ease of use. State of the art solutions enable the customers to securely authenticate, issue and manage user credentials, such as smart cards, more cost efficiently than other solutions on the market.

Versatile Security’s mission is to provide solutions that are affordable and easy to integrate, thus allowing organizations of all sizes to implement high levels of security. First class support, maintenance, and training is also offered. Customers include: HSBC, Tieto, Centric, Raiffeisenbank, TradeRiver, European Commission, Svensk Exportkredit and IKEA.

The products and services can be bought and delivered worldwide by use of an extensive reseller network and through the Versatile Security web site:


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