Date: 2016.04.21

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Versasec Unveils vSEC:CMS 4.4 Smart Card Lifecycle Management Solution

New Version of Smart Card Management System Focuses on Performance, Verifiable Results

NEW YORK, April 21, 2016 – Versasec, the leader in smart card management systems, today announced vSEC:CMS 4.4. This latest iteration of the company’s flagship card management system is geared to performance and verifiable results.

The vSEC:CMS S-Series 4.4 includes a new log system, an easily accessible repository from the vSEC:CMS operator interface, and a new version of the vSEC:CMS Plugin API, and a connection to GlobalSign’s cloud-based enterprise certificate management platform. This provides Versasec

customers the flexible option of using a highly intuitive cloud-based PKI platform without having to

operate a costly on premise certificate authority (CA) infrastructure. This new version also includes support for additional smart cards including Morpho ypsID S3 v1 Identity Card, as well as support for a Datacard’s SR300 smart card printer.

“Small- and medium-sized enterprises are now as vulnerable to hacker attacks as their larger counterparts, so it’s important they adopt efficient security measures such as two-factor authentication through smart cards,” said Joakim Thorén, Versasec’s CEO.

Versasec’s vSEC:CMS products provide enterprises with all the software tools they need to administer and manage the lifecycle of smart cards securely and conveniently. The vSEC:CMS S-Series 4.4 includes a variety of updates:

  • Features a new and improved system log repository

  • Offers reports listing operators in the system by AD account name

  • Includes the new Plugin API Version (2)

  • Offers connectivity with GlobalSign’s Managed PKI certificate issuance and lifecycle management platform

  • Supports Datacard SR300 card printers

  • Supports the Morpho ypsID S3 v1 Identity Card

  • Integrates initialization of Gemalto eTokens

  • Allows all dialog messages to be copied to the clipboard by using CTRL+C

  • Offers an optional extra check to ensure that a user exists in the user directory prior to performing lifecycle operations post issuance

  • Includes an option to print RTF templates using Microsoft Word

“PKI-based smart card authentication solutions used to protect critical systems from unauthorized access are essential for organizations requiring high assurances around the identities accessing sensitive resources,” said Lila Kee, Chief Product Officer at GlobalSign. “Connecting to our fully managed PKI service saves customers effort, cost and time by automating the provisioning and lifecycle management of certificates.”

vSEC:CMS S-Series 4.4 is available now for evaluation via download at versasec.com.

About Versasec

Versasec is a leading IT solutions provider in the identity and access management space with focus on easy deployment of smart cards with innovative smart card management systems. Our customers are organizations that demand high security and ease of use. Our state of the art solutions enable our customers to securely authenticate, issue and manage user credentials, such as smart cards, more cost efficiently than other solutions on the market.

Our mission is to provide solutions that are affordable and easy to integrate, thus allowing organizations of all sizes to implement high levels of security. We also offer first class support, maintenance, and training. Our customers include: HSBC, Tieto, Raiffeisenbank, Hornbach, Daimler, Alstom, European Commission, Qualcomm, eBay, Saudi Aramco, IMF, L’Oreal and Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

Our products and services can be bought and delivered worldwide by use of an extensive reseller network and through the Versasec web site: http://versasec.com


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