Versasec Joins Swedish Association of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Defense and Security

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, September 24, 2018 -- Versasec, the leader in smart card management systems, today announced its selection into the Swedish Association of Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Defense and Security (SME-D).

SME-D is an association for companies based in Sweden with less than 250 employees engaged in defense and security. With deep as well as broad competence and experience in defense, security and engineering matters, SME-D companies all have leading positions in their markets. The association, founded in 2003, has more than 30 members with a total of several hundred employees engaged in the high-tech defense and security sector. SME-D is an accepted dialogue partner for government agencies.

"Our government and defense business continues to grow as governments around the world are mandating two-factor authentication use for accessing mission-critical data," said Joakim Thoren, CEO of Versasec. "The SME-D is focused on helping us further develop our strong connections in the defense and security organizations of the Swedish government, and we're excited to work within the SME-D organization to further promote our award-winning identity and access management solutions."

Over the past year, Versasec's defense and security business has grown more than 50 percent and is a testament to its vSEC:CMS solution, which makes it easy for government organizations and their contractors to comply with stringent two-factor authentication regulations.

"The board of SME-D has unanimously decided to welcome Versasec as a member of SME-D," Magnus Sjöland, the chairman of the board at SME-D. "Versasec meets all of the requirements for joining our industry association, and is a serious player in the Defense and Security field."

SME-D member companies work both as prime and support contractors to government agencies and as partners, co-contractors and sub-contractors to other companies in the domestic and international defense and security areas, as illustrated in the figure.