Latest Versasec IAM Solution Supports Fingerprint Enrollment, Subscription-Based Licensing and More

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, May 14, 2019 -- Versasec, today unveiled Version 5.5 of vSEC:CMS S-Series today, the latest iteration of its award-winning identity and access management (IAM) solution. Among its many upgrades, Version 5.5 now supports subscription-based licensing, and allows for the exporting of certificate data when performing life cycle/certificate operations. The new version adds additional smart card support, including Gemalto's PIV 3.0 and Identiv uTrust MD smart cards.

With Version 5.5, Versasec has also added the following new features:

  • Includes support for fingerprint enrollment using Oberthur PIV 8.1 smart cards
  • Support for Gemalto IDPrime MD 3940 smart cards has been added
  • Adds hardware security module (HSM) protected GlobalPlatform keys for Oberthur PIV 8.1 cards
  • Includes support for R-END/R-MAC in the GlobalPlatform secure messaging for Oberthur PIV 8.1 (2.4.1-SPE)
  • Offers a new option to import PKCS#12/PFX files for smart card issuance on the server side
  • Adds support for PUC based challenge/response PIN unblock for all vSEC:CMS supported PIV smart cards
  • Adds new smart card delete function for SOAP API
  • Offers new configuration option for whether the Operator Console will handle certificate requests to Microsoft CA directly or via vSEC:CMS server (proxy)
  • Allows for reconfiguration of the MS SQL connection when the local internal database is empty
  • Includes functionality to rebuild a locally cached database from MS SQL
  • Adds a Versasec-Activator System Owner (SO) Session option; once a SO card is used for authentication, the System Owner PIN is not asked for again for 10 minutes, enabling issuance of multiple operator cards
  • Adds ability to manually create System Owner cards
  • Includes ability to manually delete Operator accounts
  • Offers configuration capabilities when there are errors returned on life cycle card issuance
  • Includes capability to configure a store-only overview of data for RSDM device information

"We listen carefully to the requests and needs of our loyal vSEC:CMS end-user community, and with Version 5.5, we've addressed many of their requests, along with support for additional smart cards," said Joakim Thorén, CEO of Versasec. "Our goal is always to improve the system's ease of use and add functionality that makes working with Versasec even more intuitive."

Versasec also has streamlined the acquisition of additional vSEC:CMS licenses. The video describing how it works is available here:

About vSEC:CMS S-Series

While most companies recognize the importance of two-factor authentication (2FA) of user identities, managing their 2FA implementations with proprietary solutions in-house can be time consuming and costly. Versasec's cost-effective, easily implemented and intuitive vSEC:CMS solutions remove the barriers to true identity and access management. Versasec vSEC:CMS is optimized for deployment in large-scale projects. Existing users and other interested parties interested in downloading an evaluation copy of vSEC:CMS S-Series Version 5.5 should visit the Versasec web site at


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