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vSEC:CMS Enterprise

The management platform for large scale enterprise authentication token deployment.

Token Management

Smart cards are devices that can be used for many purposes, the most important purpose for the enterprise security market, is as identification tokens using PKI digital certificates. For professional smart card use, especially when the smart cards are used as identification tokens, the smart cards must managed during the lifecycle of the devices.

Personalization Management Revocation

Figure 1: The token lifecycle: Personalization, management and revocation

Personalization tasks include collecting token holder information, generating keys and certificates and loading keys and certificates to the token. Management tasks include unblocking PIN codes, setting new PIN codes, renewing and issuing new certificates. Revocation is generally the end of the lifecycle, but it could also mean that the token can be personalized again. vSEC:CMS Enterprise can handle all the tasks of the smart card lifecycle. vSEC:CMS Enterprise is a smart card management system that can easily be customized for unique workflows.

The Operational Roles of vSEC:CMS Enterprise

vSEC:CMS Enterprise is the token management system that grows as your smart card needs grow. The Role based system means that vSEC:CMS Enterprise administrators can be assigned different tasks, one role can be to input card holder data and another role to approve card orders before cards are personalized. This way there is dual control before a card is personalized.

Operational Tasks


The data inputting role can perform:

  • Create a token order

  • Amend a token order

  • Replace a token

  • Renew a token

  • View order status

  • View token holder details and history

  • View orders

  • Approve or reject orders

  • Digitally Sign orders for personalization


The approval role can perform:

Figure 2: User management

Technical Specifications

Figure 3: Home screen

Operating Systems (Operator)

  • MS Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012

  • MS Windows XP, 7, 8

  • Internet Explorer

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Chrome

  • SSL with client authentication for access control

  • Access by two-factor authentication

  • OCSP checks of operators

  • All transactions digitally signed


Security Features

Smart Card Readers

  • PC/SC readers

  • Order tokens

  • Replace token

  • Renew token

  • Revoke token

  • View token holder data

  • Approve token orders

  • Digitally signed orders

  • View previous orders

  • Dual control of orders

  • Inventory management


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