CMS TS Upgrade

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vSEC:CMS® T-Series S-Edition

Advanced smart card management made easy.

The S-Edition of vSEC:CMS® T-Series will change your views on smart card lifecycle management. Now you can implement an advanced and feature-rich smart card management system with these attributes:

  • Implementation takes minutes, instead of months

  • Intuitive user interface to improve operational efficiency

  • No hidden costs and low total cost of ownership

  • The security level is always high, no alternatives

  • Large scale capabilities, available from day one


vSEC:CMS® T-Series S-Edition is an alternative packaging of the T-Series. S stands for Service, since this edition of the vSEC:CMS® T-Series is service based and is designed specifically to enable running vSEC:CMS® on a server accessed through terminal services.

Figure 1: High level architecture

The alternative packaging of the S-Edition, removes the requirement for the USB-Token that the T-Series is known for, but it maintains most of the T-Series characteristics: fast installation/integration, high security and intuitive user interface. The new architecture facilitates for having several operators working in parallel without a need for synchronization and each operator only needs to have access to the application (for example published through terminal services) and the operator’s operator smart card. The operator smart card can be the operator’s normal Gemalto

.NET Windows logon smart card.

The token based T-Series is still the fastest path to secure smart card management in the market, as it is pre-installed and ready to go at delivery, but for larger organizations having many smart card management system operators working in parallel – the S-Edition is the next step forward.

Product Selection and Upgrade Paths

The vSEC:CMS® product suite includes several smart card management system products, selecting the right product for your organization is an important decision that Versatile Security and the Versatile Security partner network are willing and very capable to assist you with. The Versatile Security web site provides information regarding which product fits to which requirements:

However, an important feature of vSEC:CMS®, is that customers are never locked into the system – customers always have the option to migrate to other vSEC:CMS® solutions, or even other vendors’ solutions, using well defined procedures. Often the requirements change as the smart card project grows, then vSEC:CMS® follows the process and grows with the project.



Secure System

3rd Party


Demo Token

T-Series T-Series


Figure 2: Upgrade paths

Technical Specifications

Operative System


  • MS Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 8 Server (accessed via terminal services)

  • MS Windows 2003, 2008

  • Gemalto .NET, .NET BIO IDPrime PIV & MD

  • Raak Technologies C2

  • Morpho ypsID S2

  • Athena CNS & IDProtect

  • Safenet eToken PRO

  • ACS ACOS5-64 & Cryptomate64

  • Oberthur Authentic & IAS ECC

  • Feitian ePass2003 Token

  • Avtor CryptoCard337

  • HID C200

  • Taglio C2

  • MS Minidriver enabled cards

  • Printer support

  • PIN mailers (both email and regular mail)

Smart Cards

Card Features

Smart Card Readers

  • PC/SC reader

  • User directory: MS AD and LDAP v2/v3

  • Card DB: SQL comp or local file

  • Certificate Authority: MS CA and EJBCA

  • MS event handler

  • Migration path to and from MS FIM/CLM

  • Upgrade path from vSEC:CMS K- and T-Series

  • Secure key storage

  • Secure backup

  • Failover cluster support

  • Encrypted audit log

  • Granular access control

  • Connects logical and physical access control

  • Support for fingerprint template management

  • Secure transport PIN support

  • The system is tested and is functional with 50 000 registered user smart cards and 50 parallel


Security Features


operators interacting with the system

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