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vSEC:CMS® U-Series

Today smart cards are used as identity devices by many organizations where medium to high levels of security are required. Organizations can use smart cards for physical access to corporate buildings, corporate network application authentication and access, encryption of sensitive data and signing and encryption of emails to name some of the uses of smart cards.

Smart cards on their own are not very useful; they need to be managed and extended to utilize the full potential of the smart card, which the vSEC:CMS product suite from Versatile Security is specialized in. One product in the suite is the vSEC:CMS U-Series. This product is the end-user interface for the management of smart cards.

One of the most important smart card management functions is the management of the users’ smart card PIN. PIN management includes setting rules for how PINs should be constructed and enabling functions such as PIN change and PIN unblock. This is the cornerstone functionality of the vSEC:CMS U-Series.

Features of vSEC:CMS U-Series

The following features are provided by the vSEC:CMS U-Series:

  • End-user smart card PIN management which consists of:

    • Change end-user PIN;

    • Unblock end-user PIN;

  • View end-users digital certificate as stored on the smart card.

  • Internationalization support for:

    • English;

    • French;

    • German;

    • Swedish;

    • Russian.

      Usage benefits

      Organizations that use the vSEC:CMS® product suite to manage their smart card lifecycle can use the vSEC:CMS U-Series as a convenient tool to allow the end-user to perform critical tasks such as remote smart card PIN unblock, commonly referred to as offline PIN unblock. The key business benefits for organizations using this product:

  • The product is free when downloaded or used directly from Versatile Security’s web site;

  • The product is the result of working with thousands of smart card users, which has made it extremely flexible but still with 100% focus on user-friendliness;

  • The product can be packaged into a standalone web application to be hosted and managed directly by an organization;

  • The product is easily customizable to meet an organizations specific requirements;

  • The product is fully supported.

Technical specifications


  • Requires Java (JRE v1.6 or later)

  • MS Windows

    • XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 and 7

    • 32 and 64 bit

  • Mac OS X

  • Linux

  • Available as standalone application

  • Available as web component (applet) on IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers

  • Detailed help system

General features

Smart card readers

  • PC/SC readers

  • Gemalto .NET, SEG, SG

  • Raak Technologies C2

  • PIN unblock wizard using challenge-response or PUC

  • PIN change wizard

  • Certificate view

Smart Cards

Smart card features

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