Stockholm, Sweden - June 1, 2021

Versasec Announces Partnership with ID Management Developer evolutionID

Versasec announces partnership with ID management system provider evolutionID, bringing PKI security and complete lifecycle management to its ID cards, key fobs and more.

Versasec, a leader in credential management systems (CMS), today announced it is partnering with evolutionID, based in Munich, to bring public key infrastructure (PKI) security to its card users. evolutionID is a leading European provider of ID management systems including ID cards and media such as RFID cards, smart cards, dual interface cards, and key fobs.

As partners, evolutionID will integrate Versasec’s card management system application programming interface (API) to broaden the value of its corporate system beyond ID management. With Versasec’s API built in, evolutionID’s customers now can also enjoy full, end-to-end PKI security, which authenticates the identity of the device user. The extended functionality of the system will be built into a unified interface that makes it easy for customers to manage their digital identity with PKI security.

Companies using Versasec’s award-winning card management suite as an extension to evolutionID’s ID Management System, can now also print their ID badges directly through vSEC:CMS, creating custom corporate ID badge layouts that meet the common interface (CI) specification. The files generated seamlessly import into vSEC:CMS, so users can also enjoy built-in identity and access management functionality.

As a Versasec reseller, evolutionID can now sell and deploy vSEC:CMS. While most companies recognize the importance of two-factor authentication (2FA) of user identities, managing their 2FA implementations with proprietary in-house or multiple commercial solutions can be time consuming and costly. Versasec's cost-effective, easily implemented and intuitive vSEC:CMS solutions remove the barriers to true identity access management.

"Working with Versasec’s API lets us bring our card customers much additional peace of mind in ensuring their card holders are authenticated," said Ali Gülüm, CEO of evolutionID. "We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for both of our companies, but more importantly, one that ensures our card users have the highest levels of cybersecurity."

"The market is demanding more complete, end-to-end security solutions, which is what our partnership with evolutionID offers," said Joakim Thorén, Versasec CEO. "Our joint customers can now enjoy very fast implementation of their identity and access management card credentials, along with simplified management of those cards over their full lifecycle, from card design to user onboarding to card retirement."

About evolutionID

evolutionID, based in Munich, offers tailored and innovative RFID solutions. The company provides manufacturer-independent consulting services, and supports the complete design and implementation cycle, from conceiving to designing multifunctional company badges. IDfunction, as the flagship solution of evolutionID, not only centrally manages digital identities and AI-based business processes but is also extensible by internal and external software modules, such as the vSEC:CMS. The support of all common RFID standards such as Legic or DESFire technology rounds off evolutionID's scalable ID management system.

About Versasec

Versasec makes enterprises more secure with cybersecurity solutions empowered by hardware-based cryptography. By focusing on user credentials that enable strong multi-factor authentication, digital signatures and encryption, Versasec provides customers greater security in an increasingly connected world with growing numbers of remote workers and online business. Versasec’s flagship product, vSEC:CMS, helps companies of all sizes easily deploy and manage virtual and physical smarts cards, tokens, RFID and other PKI credentials throughout their lifecycle. Software developed by Versasec is available for on-prem and private clouds or as managed services (SaaS).

Versasec has offices in Sweden, USA, Germany, France, UAE, United Kingdom, Malaysia and Egypt. It is headquartered in Stockholm. Its customers enjoy first-class support, maintenance, and training. In addition to a variety of government agencies around the globe, Versasec’s customers include HSBC, IMF, eBay, Northrop Grumman, EDAG, Hornbach, Raiffeisen Bank, SPGroup, Sunrise Regional Health, Banque Du Liban, Swiss Mobiliar, Cleveland Clinic, SERCO, KNPC and Sandia National Labs.

Versasec's products and services are available worldwide through an extensive reseller network and via the Versasec web site:

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