STOCKKHOLM – Sept. 12, 2023

Almi Invest Exits as Versasec Outgrows Investment Portfolio

Versasec – a global, profitable, leading supplier of IAM products, announces a significant change in its ownership structure. The early stage investor Almi, has divested its ownership in the company. Consequently, several Versasec board members, management, and founders decided to increase their shareholding in the company. In addition, a new investor, Blixx, has joined and expressed their confidence in the vision and mission of Versasec.

Versasec is grateful for Almi’s investment in its early stages and its committed vision to success from day one. Sarah Glücksman, Exits and Portfolio Management at Almi Invest, commented: “we have collaborated with Versasec as an active investor since 2011. Versasec is now a global, profitable, leading supplier of IAM products. Almi Invest’s focus is on supporting early-stage businesses, therefore we have made the strategic decision to divest our ownership in Versasec. This resulted in an opportunity that was offered to current shareholders and dedicated employees, and the proceeds will be allocated towards new early-stage startups in Sweden.”

The investment company Blixx AB has made its first investment in Versasec AB. Blixx AB is a business angel-driven investment company with 8 owners. It invests in cash-generating companies, building up a portfolio of companies in early stages. Versasec is added to its portfolio which now consists of 6 companies. “We have been following the company for some time. Versasec has established itself very well in the market and is now moving quickly into new technology with a SaaS solution. Therefore, the present combination of low risk and a huge potential made us make this investment” stated Fredrik Runnquist, Chairman of Blixx AB, and Versasec’s board member.

Mr. Torvald Bohlin, and Versasec’s Chairman of the Board, is excited about the new ownership structure, saying, “I am very pleased to welcome Blixx as a new shareholder and about the fact that our current shareholders have acquired a large part of Almi Invest´s holding in Versasec. I would like to thank Almi for having been an appreciated shareholder for over ten years, contributing to Versasec´s development to become a leading player in the global Identity and Access Management industry.”

About Versasec

The Versasec award-winning software is used by companies of all sizes to fulfill their ever-evolving cybersecurity strategies. Versasec provides the necessary orchestration to automate and manage the multiple Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, providing organizations a secure hub for their IAM solution providers: certificate authorities, user directories, HSM’s, credentials, and more. Versasec credential management system, vSEC:CMS, is available on-prem, and as a managed service through vSEC:CLOUD with premium support. Versasec supports the most number of credentials in the market, covering the latest modern authenticators and technologies such as PIV/PKI, FIDO, virtual, and physical credentials, as well as RFID for secure access control. Trusted by organizations and corporations worldwide, Versasec serves the public and private sectors in government, defense, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and more. Versasec is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


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