Versasec News

Versasec is the most trusted IT solutions provider in the identity and access management (IAM) space. We make it easy for organizations of all sizes to deploy smart cards using our innovative smart card management solutions.

Here you'll find the latest news announcements, media coverage and product/press releases from Versasec.

2022-05-16: Versasec and Skydome Cyber Partnership Announcement

2022-04-07: vSECCMS 6 3 Has Arrived

2022-03-17: Versasec and Knit Technolgies Partnership

2022-03-07: Versasec and ICONS Partnership Announcement

2022-01-19: Versasec and ITClick Announce Partnership

2021-11-30: Versasec Launches vSEC CMS v6.2

2021-07-21: Versasec Launches vSEC CMS v6.1

2021-07-13: Versasec Joins FIDO Alliance

2021-06-01: Versasec and evolutionID Announce Partnership

2021-05-17: Versasec and DigiCert Announce Partnership

2021-03-31: Versasec Launches vSEC CMS v6.0

2020-12-08: DTAsia

2020-10-15: Versasec Launches vSEC CMS v5.9

2020-06-08: Versasec Launches vSEC CMS v5.8

2020-06-02: Aventra in Finland

2020-03-31: Versasec Announces vSECTOOL K3.0

2020-02-04: Blue Fortress in Malaysia

2020-01-28: Versasec Announces vSEC CMS v5.7

2020-01-16: vSECCMS Added to GSA Schedule

2019-08-14: Versasec Announces vSEC CMS v5.6

2019-07-24: Versasec Expands APAC Presence

2019-05-14: Versasec Announces vSEC CMS v5.5

2019-02-19: Versasec Announces vSEC CMS v5.4

2018-11-05: Survey Shows GDPR Costs Exceeded Expectations

2018-10-16: Versasec Announces vSEC CMS v5.3

2018-10-02: Microsoft Upgrade

2018-09-24: Versasec Announces SME D Membership

2018-08-21: Versasec Partners With Real Security to Target the Adriatic

2018-07-17: Versasec and identiv Announce Technology Partnership

2018-07-10: Versasec Names Apica Systems Founder Sven Hammar to Board of Directors

2018-06-28: Versasec Announces vSEC CMS v5.2

2018-06-20: Versasec and Longmai Announce Partnership

2018-04-24: Versasec Announces Gemalto Executive Carolina Martinez Joins Team

2018-04-19: Versasec Launches vSEC CMS S Series v5.1 with Strong RSDM Focus

2018-03-06: New Versasec Survey Reveals Global Security Trends for 2018

2018-01-16: Versasec Announces vSEC CMS v5.0