STOCKHOLM – January 29, 2024

Versasec Launches vSEC:CMS 6.10, Enriched with Customer Perspectives

Versasec Launches vSEC:CMS 6.10, Enriched with Customer Perspectives

In a commitment to enhancing user experience, Version 6.10 highlights Versasec’s customer-centric innovation. In addition, the credential management leader welcomes exciting product integrations of critical players in the identity space.

“We recognize the importance of our customers’ perspectives and are eager to incorporate their feedback into our ongoing development processes. Putting customers at the center of our products is not just a commitment – it’s a fundamental principle that guides our innovation,” said Joakim Thorén, CEO and Founder of Versasec. New and existing customers are now able to download vSEC:CMS 6.10 evaluation version

The customer-centric approach underscores Versasec’s unwavering commitment to delivering products that resonate with the needs and desires of its faithful user base.

The new version also welcomes exciting new product integrations from its key partners, such as Yubico, G+D, and Thales. Among them the YubiHSM 2, customers can now seamlessly integrate to enhance the protection of their vSEC:CMS master keys(s). 

Other essential features for vSEC:CMS 6.10 include:

  • Web start for user self-service tasks. Users can now initiate self-service tasks from a website, facilitating self-service tasks, including self-issuance and PIN unblocks. 
  • Capture and add custom user data to credentials during issuance, with the ability to modify it afterward. This feature adds another level of security, for example, for officers to validate identity against a text, a physical characteristic, or the employee’s personal information. 
  • vSEC:CMS now supports managing FIDO CTAP 2.1 credentials.
  • Administrators can now align PIN changes with other credential tasks. This feature can allow administrators to schedule a user’s certificate renewal with a PIN change. Both tasks simultaneously can allow for higher productivity and less user activity around their credentials. 

Versasec encourages its customers to actively participate in this collaborative journey by sharing their thoughts, suggestions, and ideas through designated feedback channels. By doing so, customers become integral contributors to the evolution of Versasec’s products, ensuring their voices are heard and valued.

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The Versasec award-winning software is used by companies of all sizes to fulfill their ever-evolving cybersecurity strategies. Versasec provides the necessary orchestration to automate and manage the multiple Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, providing organizations a secure hub for their IAM solution providers: certificate authorities, user directories, HSM’s, credentials, and more. Versasec credential management system, vSEC:CMS, is available on-prem, and as a managed service through vSEC:CLOUD with premium support. Versasec supports the most number of credentials in the market, covering the latest modern authenticators and technologies such as PIV/PKI, FIDO, virtual, and physical credentials, as well as RFID for secure access control. Trusted by organizations and corporations worldwide, Versasec serves the public and private sectors in government, defense, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and more. Versasec is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


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