Stockholm, Sweden – March 17, 2022

Versasec, Knit Technologies Announce Partnership in Southeast Asia

The partnership strengthens digital transformation security in the ASEAN region.

Versasec, a leader in credential management systems, is pleased to announce a new partnership with one of the fastest growing IT and Security System Integrators, a leader in the Southeast Asia region (ASEAN) – Knit Technologies. The strategic partnership successfully brings vSEC:CMS, Versasec’s strong credential management system to the region to securely manage digital identities, through Singapore based, reliable service provider, Knit Technologies.CheckPoint Research published the Asia Pacific region had experienced an annual 168 percent increase in cyberattack from May 2020 to May 2021. The five countries with the largest increase in attacks were Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan. As the research specified, the pandemic work-from-home initiatives had created security gaps for attackers to leverage, and the hard economic times had pushed higher crime rates.Knit Technologies helps enterprises stay two steps ahead of advanced and sophisticated criminal activities. At the core of their portfolio solutions are Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Identity and Access Management (IAM). A leader in modern authentication, Knit Technologies believes PKI offers a higher standard of security than password authentication. Hann Ming, CEO at Knit Technologies stated, “with this new partnership, Knit Technologies will be able to bring cutting edge technologies such as Versasec’s software and in-house services to ensure that customers benefit and optimize their investments.”Versasec enables a higher level of security in an increasingly connected world with growing numbers of remote workers and online business by focusing on user credentials that enable strong multi-factor authentication, digital signatures and encryption. Versasec’s flagship credential management product, vSEC:CMS, helps companies of all sizes easily deploy and manage virtual and physical smart cards, tokens, RFID and other PKI credentials throughout their lifecycle. Software developed by Versasec is available for on-prem and private clouds or as managed services (SaaS). “We are very excited about the ASEAN region in general, and together with Knit Technologies we are able to deliver great value to our current and future customers in the region,” said Joakim Thorén, Versasec CEO.

About Knit Technologies

Knit Technologies is a fast-growing IT & Cybersecurity System Integrator and Service Provider in Asia. Headquartered in Singapore, the Leadership Team has a combined 100 plus years of experience. One of the Key Executives helped pioneer PKI in Singapore in the early 90s. As the name “Knit” implies, the company works with technology partners to assemble proper solutions for customers and address their business needs. They spearhead complex bespoke solutions and offer a broad range of services, including consulting, software development, system integrations, managed services and implementing technology solutions, for customers in the APAC region and continuously engage customers from different sectors. Connect with Knit Technologies on LinkedIn (@knittechnologies) or contact them through their website:

Knit Technologies:

About Versasec

The Versasec award-winning software is used by companies of all sizes to fulfill their ever-evolving cybersecurity strategies. Versasec provides the necessary orchestration to automate and manage the multiple Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, providing organizations a secure hub for their IAM solution providers: certificate authorities, user directories, HSM’s, credentials, and more. Versasec credential management system, vSEC:CMS, is available on-prem, and as a managed service through vSEC:CLOUD with premium support. Versasec supports the most number of credentials in the market, covering the latest modern authenticators and technologies such as PIV/PKI, FIDO, virtual, and physical credentials, as well as RFID for secure access control. Trusted by organizations and corporations worldwide, Versasec serves the public and private sectors in government, defense, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and more. Versasec is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


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