AUSTIN, TEXAS – Oct. 17, 2023

Versasec Credential Management Introduces YubiKey’s Interface Management Enterprise Version

Versasec – a leading global supplier of IAM products, announces its latest credential management version that elevates YubiKeys’ deployment experience. As Yubico’s first credential management system (CMS) partner, Versasec continues to extend its technology partnership by introducing YubiKey’s Interface Enterprise Management. This integration enables enterprises to lock their YubiKeys in a desired configuration, preventing unauthorized changes.

This feature gives managers the confidence to manage thousands of YubiKeys in their organizations. Locking the available authentication methods protects the YubiKeys from misuse and denial of service. As a result, they eliminate any risk associated with user credential mismanagement.

“If not protected with a lock code, the YubiKey’s applications can be turned on and off by anyone, leading to unnecessary load on the IT helpdesk and potentially causing security incidents,” commented Versasec’s Product Manager, Anders Adolfsson. “With YubiKey interface enterprise management in vSEC:CMS, we supply organizations with the control they require to secure and deploy YubiKeys at scale.”

Yubikey interface enterprise management

Additionally, Versasec products now integrate with Entrust IDaaS, allowing companies to choose from another reputable identity provider for their credential management needs. With vSEC:CMS, the entire lifecycle of FIDO authenticators can be effectively managed, including issuing them to users and revoking them when necessary. Versasec simplifies and secures enrolling users with FIDO tokens.

Version 6.9 features additional enhancements, updates, and automated tasks, including:

  • For PKI, Versasec is integrating with a new CA: MTG Certificate Lifecycle Manager.
  • Supports a new technology partner’s credential: the Swissbit iShield Key (PIV/FIDO, FIDO), a USB token available with PKI/FIDO hybrid or FIDO-only capabilities.
  • Supports a new Thales smart card – the Thales SafeNet IDPrime 940C CC – a new version of the 940 smart card.
  • In 6.8, Versasec added support for Thales eToken Fusion CC. In 6.9, Versasec is adding the Thales eToken Fusion.
  • Introduces Manual Batch Issuance. A complement to a popular feature: the traditional Batch Issuance, which issues smart cards in batch with a CSV file import. Now, operators can select multiple users manually through the vSEC:CMS interface without compiling a CSV file, and then start the batch.
  • Clients can now configure which system status notifications appear to specific Operators and Roles. Admins can turn on or off system notifications depending on their Operators and Roles.
  • Air-gapped environments now have the license activation process air-gapped. For clients running vSEC:CMS in an air-gapped environment, Versasec has simplified the offline license process.
  • Continues to address the Microsoft KB5014754 update. Versasec has added support for Nexus Smart ID Certificate Manager version 8.7.1 with support for SID. This feature allows for robust ID mapping, where writing Microsoft AD SID to the user certificates is possible.

About Versasec

The Versasec award-winning software is used by companies of all sizes to fulfill their ever-evolving cybersecurity strategies. Versasec provides the necessary orchestration to automate and manage the multiple Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, providing organizations a secure hub for their IAM solution providers: certificate authorities, user directories, HSM’s, credentials, and more. Versasec credential management system, vSEC:CMS, is available on-prem, and as a managed service through vSEC:CLOUD with premium support. Versasec supports the most number of credentials in the market, covering the latest modern authenticators and technologies such as PIV/PKI, FIDO, virtual, and physical credentials, as well as RFID for secure access control. Trusted by organizations and corporations worldwide, Versasec serves the public and private sectors in government, defense, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and more. Versasec is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


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