Versasec Supported Credentials & Passwordless Authenticators

Versasec strives to support as many credential types as possible in all of Versasec’s products. Below are phishing-resistant credentials we support. We hope one fits your enterprise, users, and devices. Not all multi-factors are created equal. Customize based on your organizational needs and goals. We support PIV, PKI, Virtual, Physical Access, Logical Access, and FIDO/PIV, and FIDO only credentials. Versasec does not lock you in to one provider, we are credential-agnostic. The number of supported credential types is continuously increasing with every new product version. If you are using a credential that is not on the list, please contact Versasec to check if and when your credential will be supported. We are here for you!

◊ Tokens and smart cards with FIDO

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◊Tokens and smart cards with FIDO

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Credential Management System (CMS)

Secure your digital infrastructure with our state-of-the-art system. Configure credentials, authenticators, smart cards, tokens, RFID-based, mobile version USB keys, for PKI-based cryptographic operations, VPN, desktop logon, email and document encryption. With our technology, you can ensure your organization is protected from unauthorized access and data breach.


vSEC:CMS our innovative, cost-effective Credential (Smart Card) Management System. Drastically improves management of user authentication credentials in businesses and organizations. Easily integrates into your infrastructure.


vSEC:CLOUD is a service of our credential management software. Fully subscription based and deployed in a virtual private cloud, Versasec will manage server hosting and upgrades for customers of all sizes.

Premium Support

Premium Support is designed to deliver convenience, reducing wait-time, and empowering customers to choose their preferred communication type. Versasec support professionals are rated with high by customers.

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Integrations for Credential Management and Orchestration

Secure your digital infrastructure with our state-of-the-art system. Configure credentials, authenticators, smart cards, tokens, RFID-based, USB keys, for PKI-based cryptographic operations, FIDO authentication, VPN, desktop logon, email, and document encryption.

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Versasec streamlines all aspects of managing credentials by connecting to enterprise directories, certificate authorities, identity providers (IdPs), physical access control systems, email servers, log servers, biometric fingerprint readers, PIN mailers… the list goes on. With vSEC:CMS, organizations can issue credentials to employees, personalize them for authentication, encryption, and manage their lifecycle – directly from an off-the-shelf product.
Connect to certificate authorities and/or identity providers to facilitate secure authentication and identity verification processes. Enhance security, centralize identity management, set up multi-factor authentication, federated identity management, and certificate lifecycle management. Make the most of comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities, and track credential events and their current status. Generate reports for compliance and security audits.

Integrate physical access systems to enable efficient and secure management for employees in a physical environment, such as an office building, data center, or any location with restricted access. Employees can use a single access credential to access various facilities and systems, reducing the need for multiple credentials.

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