Versasec Supported Credentials

Versasec strives to support as many credential types as possible in all of Versasec's products. Credentials are generally user authentication devices such as physical smart cards, vertical smart cards or tokens. The number of supported credential types is continuously increasing with every new product version.

The table below is showing the supported credentials. If you are using a credential that is not on the list, please contact Versasec to check if and when your credential will be supported.




Supported Credentials





Aventra MyEID 4.5

Avtor CryptoCard 337

Atos CardOS v4.4

Atos CardOS v5.3

Cryptovision SCinterface


Feitian ePass FIDO-NFC K9/PlusK9/K40

Feitian BioPass FIDO2 Plus K27/K26/K45

Feitian eJava Token

Feitian SmartCard

Feitian ePass2003

Feitian ePass2003 PKI eJava Token

Feitian ePass2003 PKI SmartCard

Feitian Fingerprint_Smart_Card_F2000

Feitian iePass_FIDO_PIV_K44

Thales IDPrime .NET 510

Thales IDPrime .NET 5500

Thales IDPrime MD 830

Thales IDPrime MD 840

Thales IDPrime MD 930

Thales IDPrime MD 940

Thales IDPrime MD 3810

Thales IDPrime MD 3840

Thales IDPrime MD 3930

Thales IDPrime MD 3940

Thales IDPrime MD 3940 FIDO

Thales IDPrime PIV 2.1

Thales IDPrime PIV 3.0

Thales IDPrime Virtual

Thales MultiApp ID

Thales Safenet eToken 5100/5110 FIPS

Thales Safenet eToken 5300

HID Global Crescendo C200

HID Global Crescendo C1150

Identiv uTrust MD

Longmai mToken CryptoID

Microsoft minidriver enabled devices

Microsoft Windows Hello for Business

Idemia ypsID S2

Idemia ypsID S3

Idemia ID-One Cosmo 8.1 IAS ECC

Idemia ID-One PIV 8.1

Open FIPS 201 Applet

SafeTrust-PIV on Placard

Taglio C2

Taglio PIVKey

TCOS TeleSec IDKey

Virtual Smart Cards

Yubico YubiKey 5 NFC/5C/5 Nano/5C Nano

Yubico YubiKey 4/4 Nano/4C/4C Nano

Yubico YubiKey NEO/NEO-n

- The credential is supported by the product.
L - Known limitations - check release notes.
For details about validated middleware/minidrivers check the Versasec support portal or contact us.