vSEC:CMS Product Suite

The vSEC:CMS product suite provides all the software tools to administrate and manage smart cards in a secure and convenient way. The product suite consists of products that meets every organization's requirements for managing smart cards.

Information about each of the products and comparisons between the products to assist You in finding which product is most suitable for Your smart card needs is presented below. The vSEC:CMS products can be grouped in the following way:

Management Systems

Smart Card Tools

vSEC:CMS S-Series

vSEC:CMS K-Series

vSEC:CMS C-Series



CMS or SCMS = Smart Card Management Systems. New to smart card management? Have a look at the Wikipedia definition of a 'Smart Card Management System'.

vSEC:CMS S-Series

vSEC:CMS S-Series will change your views on how to handle the lifecycle of smart cards. The product is designed as a highly flexible smart card management system, ideal for medium to large scale smart card deployments. It is a client-server based system using terminal services or SOAP, where the clients are either operator terminals or user self-service applications. The S-Series is well suited for larger deployments where several operators and users are interacting with the smart card management system in parallel. Click for more details about the vSEC:CMS S-Series.

vSEC:CMS K-Series

This product is designed as a lightweight smart card management system, essential for smaller smart card deployments. Click for more details and access to vSEC:CMS K-Series.

vSEC:CMS Product Features

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Supported Smart Cards

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Migration Paths

The vSEC:CMS products are built to always enable the customer to migrate from one smart card management system to another. For details on how to update from Gemalto DAS / IDAdmin 100 click here and for details on how to update from Microsoft MIM/FIM CM click here. Below a diagram describing the possible migration paths is displayed.

Versasec is an IAM provider that helps businesses manage their access-enabling devices.


The vSEC:CMS video content can be found here.

Customer Case Studies

Further details about successful projects and installations can be found here.