vSEC:CMS will change your views on how to manage the lifecycle of user authentication credentials. vSEC:CMS is an innovative, easily integrated and cost effective Smart Card Management System or Credential Management System (SCMS or CMS) that will help you deploy and manage credentials within your organization.

Vendor Independent

vSEC:CMS is fully functional with minidriver enabled credentials such as smart cards, USB tokens and virtual smart cards including Windows Hello for Business (WHfB). It streamlines all aspects of managing credentials by connecting to enterprise directories, certificate authorities, physical access control systems, email servers, log servers, biometric fingerprint readers, PIN mailers… the list goes on. With vSEC:CMS, organizations can issue Credentials to employees, personalize the Credentials with authentication credentials and manage the lifecycle of the Credentials – directly from the off-the-shelf product.

Product News

vSEC:CMS Version 6.10 is now available. The new version incorporates a variety of enhancements, updates and automated tasks, including the following:

  • Web start for user self-service tasks. Users can now initiate self-service tasks from a website, facilitating self-service tasks including self-issuance and PIN unblocks.
  • Our list of supported credentials has been extended to include Thales IDPrime FIDO BIO, Thales eToken 5110+ CC (940C), Ensurity ThinC-AUTH BioPro, and G+D StarSign ® FIDO Card.
  • Capture and add custom user data to credentials during issuance, with the ability to modify it afterward. This feature adds another level of security, for example, for officers to validate identity against a text, a physical characteristic, or the employee’s personal information.
  • Adding a new HSM to our portfolio of supported HSMs. Customers can now integrate the Yubico YubiHSM 2 to protect vSEC:CMS master key(s).
  • vSEC:CMS now supports managing FIDO CTAP 2.1 credentials.
  • Credential management templates can now be filtered in vSEC:CMS User application. As a result, administrators can choose from a limited set of templates, enhancing their experience by providing a more streamlined and user-friendly selection process.
  • Elevated operator roles can now override permission checks. This feature has added new permission options when revoking credentials for complex environments and circumstances.
  • Added configurable permissions for user self-service. Administrators can now define rules on who can perform self-issuance.
  • Store and sync custom data from Active Directory for user credentials stored in vSEC:CMS repositories. The information can then be queried and available for reporting.
  • The REST API has been updated with a heartbeat function to show the current status and version of all vSEC:CMS services. Additionally, a new REST API feature enables changing the management template on individual credentials.
  • Performance improvements on caching and vSEC:CMS User application startup.
  • Administrators can now align PIN changes with other credential tasks. This feature can allow administrators to schedule a user’s certificate renewal with a PIN change. Both tasks simultaneously can allow for higher productivity and less user activity around their credentials.
  • A view is now available to show the current running scheduled tasks to give more visibility to the background tasks running in your environment.


Starter Pack 1


Per Credential Per Month
Yearly Subscription
Price Excl. Taxes

  • 100 Credentials
  • Customer On-Prem/Private Cloud
  • Professional Level Support
  • Full vSEC:CMS Feature Set


Starter Pack 2


Per Credential Per Month
Yearly Subscription
Price Excl. Taxes

  • 500 Credentials
  • Customer On-Prem/Private Cloud
  • Professional Level Support
  • Full vSEC:CMS Feature Set


Starter Pack 3


Per Credential Per Month
Yearly Subscription
Price Excl. Taxes

  • 1000 Credentials
  • Customer On-Prem/Private Cloud
  • Professional Level Support
  • Full vSEC:CMS Feature Set


>1000 Credentials

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  • Custom
  • Customer On-Prem/Private Cloud
  • Professional Level Support
  • Full vSEC:CMS Feature Set

Evaluation – Download Today!

Once downloaded and installed vSEC:CMS is ready for use in Evaluation Mode. During the evaluation, you can configure your environment with up to 10 licenses and your own use cases. Each license manages one credential. Additional licenses can be acquired as a subscription or by perpetual license. Please contact a Versasec reseller or Versasec directly to proceed.

Schedule a Demo

To enjoy the vSEC:CMS full feature set (including Self-Service, Virtual Smart Card, HSM support etc), schedule a demo with Versasec or contact your local Versasec reseller.


The vSEC:CMS scales with your project. With the new load balancing capability, there is no upper limit!

Load Balancer

vSEC:CMS Connectors

vSEC:CMS connections

Integrability – APIs

The vSEC:CMS can be integrated and connected in many different ways, the drawing below is trying to visualize the most commonly used options.


Migrate to vSEC:CMS

vSEC:CMS includes upgrade wizards that enables quick and simple upgrade paths from third party credential management systems.

vSEC:CMS  includes upgrade wizards that enables quick and simple upgrade paths from third party credential management systems.

Check out the details on how to upgrade from:


The product can be purchased from authorized vSEC:CMS integrators and resellers, or directly from Versaseccontact Versasec to let us help you find the best way forward.

Versasec Supported Credentials

Versasec strives to support as many credential types as possible in all of Versasec’s products. We support PIV, PKI, Virtual, Physical Access, Logical Access, and FIDO/PIV, and FIDO only credentials. Versasec does not lock you in to one provider, we are credential-agnostic. The number of supported credential types is continuously increasing with every new product version. If you are using a credential that is not on the list, please contact Versasec to check if and when your credential will be supported. Supported Credentials: https://versasec.com/products/supported-credentials/

Product Features

The table below highlights the key features in the Versasec credential management product suites.




User-Side Credential Operations

Agent-Side Credential Operations

  • Admin Key Change
  • Online Unblock User PIN
  • Offline Unblock User PIN (Operator Side)
  • User PIN Policy Update
  • Certificate Management (pfx or p12 Import, Delete)

Advanced Credential Operations

  • Admin Key Diversification
    from Hardware Protected Masterkey
  • User Fingerprint Policy Update
  • Batch Mode Support
  • Interface Management
  • Custom Data on Credential Management


  • Credential Repository
  • SQL-based Databases
  • Backup / Restore
  • Multi-forest & Multi-domain

Credential Management System Features




Product Features

Advanced Management Features

  • User Self-service and MS Credential Provider
  • Key Archive and Key Restore
  • Smart Card Stock Management
  • Granular Operator Permissions and Access Control
  • Card Printing and Batch Processing
  • Photo Capturing
  • Remote Security Device Management (RSDM)
  • Certificate Management using ACME
  • FIDO2 Management

Systems Integrations

  • Certification Authorities (MS CA, Entrust, DigiCert, EJBCA, GlobalSign...)
  • User Directories (LDAP, MS AD, Entra ID)
  • Physical Access System (RFID)
  • Identity Providers (IdP) using OIDC and LDAP
  • Windows Event Log
  • Mail Server (for PIN mailing)
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM)


  • SQL Database Interface
  • SOAP Helpdesk API
  • SOAP Lifecycle API
  • REST Lifecycle API
  • Web Start API
  • Plugin API
  • Physical Access System (PACS) API




Managed by Versasec



Perpetual Licenses


Installation Package


✔ – The credential is supported by the product.
L – Known limitations – check release notes.
For details about validated middleware/minidrivers check the Versasec support portal or contact us.


Our product suite provides all the software tools to administrate and manage credentials in a secure and convenient way.

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New to credential management?

SCMS = Smart Card Management Systems
CMS = Credential Management System
Have a look at the Wikipedia definition of a ‘Smart Card Management System’.

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