vSEC:CMS S-Series from MS MIM/FIM CM

Microsoft is retiring its Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) identity and access card management system, and its successor product, Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM). Support for FIM/MIM ended in October 2017, but Microsoft is extending support for existing customers until October 2022 -- for a price

Companies using FIM/MIM that want to make a change now can use our built-in Export Wizard to easily and securely make the transition to vSEC:CMS S-Series with no business interruptions, while taking advantage of the many features and customization options in our flagship smart card lifecycle system.

Below a simple explanation of at how the migration from FIM/MIM to vSEC:CMS works is presented. First, Versasec secures the export of the smart card data from FIM. When starting the process, users can clean up the export and remove any card they do not wish to import into vSEC:CMS S-Series. The exported data is then imported into the vSEC:CMS using our Import Wizard. During this process, the cards remain in the hands of the users; no interaction is needed, and there are no service interruptions. Once the Export/Import process is finalized, the Smart Cards are managed automatically by vSEC:CMS.

The key benefits of upgrading to vSEC:CMS are:

  • Advanced user PIN policy support
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Built-in disaster recovery functions
  • Higher level of security
  • Quick, easy upgrade with no downtime
  • 4 major product releases annually - available as part of the Support and Maintenance service
  • Wide range of supported smart cards

Please contact Versasec or your preferred Versasec reseller for details on upgrading to vSEC:CMS today.

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