Introducing vSEC:CLOUD, Interview with VP of Sales

Date: 2022-08-29
Author: Gabriela Peralta, Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

Introducing vSEC:CLOUD

What new trends are you seeing when we talk with customers?
We are seeing an increasing demand from our existing and potential customers to move their PKI and credential management system from on-premise to the cloud. They’re looking to optimize their costs and efforts. vSEC:CLOUD will definitely help customers in this area by delegating management tasks to Versasec so that they can focus on higher priority tasks.

The world is changing. With an increase in cyber attacks and a decrease in the working force, including cyber professionals, companies require experts that will manage their security needs. vSEC:CLOUD is the right place to start.

What news would you like to share about vSEC:CLOUD?

vSEC:CLOUD is Versasec taking care of the infrastructure, the installation hours, and the required maintenance, so that businesses don’t have to. They know what they do best and want to focus their resources on innovation and research, bringing edge-cutting products and services to market.

How does implementing vSEC:CLOUD help organizations achieve their business goals?

With a strong offense, you must have an equally great defense. That’s where Versasec comes in. We thrive on being a cornerstone for organizations’ cybersecurity in the IAM space.

Today’s threat actors know to aim at the employees, the human factor of the organization, and users become a vulnerability in the defensive strategy of the organization. User credentials are part of the solution. They range in price, security, and efficiency. Not all users require the same level of security, yet all need ease-of-use. Identities, and therefore credentials need to be managed accordingly, and effectively. The goal is to achieve the highest-level of security possible with the existing environment without investing huge amounts of resources, and staying flexible. And this is exactly what Versasec is bringing with vSEC:CLOUD, an effective management of user credentials, without any of the hustle.

What does vSEC:CLOUD bring to government, enterprises and organizations?

On top of what we have already talked about, scalability. With predictable costs and worry-free management, customers deploy faster, easier, and have close access to our support team, should they require dedicated help, or tips for best practices. We aim high, so organizations can elevate their defense, and focus on their offense.

What are you most excited to share about vSEC:CLOUD?

It’s been a product we’ve been developing with a lot of effort and customer-focus. Customers have been the main driving force for its development and I’m very proud to have seen this at the top of our priorities in all stages of development and support. With vSEC:CLOUD, customers will be reaching their security goals faster, implementing credentials quicker, and therefore focusing on what really matters.

The platform integrates, coordinates, and walks the customer through configuration with the best solution vendors in the market. Among them, Entrust, Feitian, Thales, Digicert and Yubico, to name a few of the leaders. Customers are welcomed to choose what fits best with their environment and change as they see fit.


vSEC:CLOUD benefits

With Versasec, our customers have peace of mind, enjoy the highest levels of security, and stay ahead of ever-evolving cyber threats. Find more about vSEC:CLOUD product features, pricing, and Premium Support. We’d love to be part of your defense team, let us know if you have any questions!


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