FIDO Enterprise Orchestration

Deploy FIDO passwordless authenticators with complete credential enterprise management! Have you decided to use FIDO authenticators in your organization but are struggling with how to make it happen? You’ve come to the right place!

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  • In general, many enterprises and organizations use weak security authentication solutions, making it easy for cybercriminals to gain unlawful access. 
  • Moreover, the wave towards phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication and adopting FIDO credentials overwhelms organizations with how to deploy and manage credentials.
  • Further, increased tighter government regulations raise awareness of the issues but still do not provide a clear path for enterprises to adopt.
  • Finally, every entity differs based on industry, employees, and infrastructure. Consequently, each organization requires a tailored solution to manage its preferred credentials that fit its budget and ecosystem.


  • To start, with vSEC:CMS and vSEC:CLOUD, organizations can issue credentials to employees, personalize them, and orchestrate their lifecycle – directly from Versasec off-the-shelf products and the cloud.
  • Additionally, Versasec integrates seamlessly with IdPs to present admins and users with the best experience.
  • Furthermore, say goodbye to manual, repetitive, unsafe, time-consuming tasks by replacing them with automation by using pre-existing templates and ready-to-go workflows.
  • Not only that, Versasec products and cloud allow not just for the orchestration of enterprise FIDO credentials but also PKI, and physical access. In summary, one platform for all enterprise passwordless credentials.
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Enterprise FIDO Device Orchestration

Versasec FIDO Management overview


As an Operator, you control audit, repository, and reports with precision. No need to worry about credential locations or assignments. Tailor permissions for different roles, from administrators to help desk, ensuring precise access.


Automate each step of the process, rely on our technical expertise, and create templates you can trust on! With our many APIs and integrations, you are able to automate the complete lifecycle to have the credentials updated and changed on events triggered from the outside such as employee offboarding and role changes. 


Choose flexible credential options for secure issuance, re-issuance, and revocation. Whether remote, in-person, or hybrid, Versasec ensures that each step is controlled, audited, and secured.

Versatile Enrollment Methods

We are here for your FIDO enterprise orchestration journey. Choose from one of our enrollment methods, without compromising security. Our versatile enrollment methods are tailored to your needs.

Alternative A: Well-suited for when an in-person meeting before issuance is required. The operator issues the device to the user, and the user sets the PIN.

Alternative B: Perfect for remote teams that want central issuance. The operator issues and distributes the credential to the user, who, at a later point, sets their PIN. 

Alternative C: Ideal for large deployments that prefer centralized onboarding with no user self-service. The operator issues devices in the batch; the system sets and delivers the PIN.

Alternative D: Optimal for large deployments that prefer self-service and distributed teams. User issues and sets their PIN.

Versasec FIDO Issuance use case options

Deploying with Versasec Credential Management

Versasec’s state-of-the-art system is helping enterprises worldwide adopt secure authentication technology for web and app authentication devices in today’s cyber world. Enterprises are saying goodbye to confusion and manual siloed systems and welcoming efficient, simple, and cost-effective core solutions.

Versasec Core Connections

Versasec Ecosystem

Versasec performs at the security core of organizations.

The Core of Identity & Access Management blog post explores the most popular connections facilitated by our innovative systems. Discover how it can revolutionize your FIDO enterprise orchestration journey and enhance security within your organization.

Architectural Overview

The vSEC:CMS server the core of Versasec FIDO enteprise orchestration regardless if on-prem or in the cloud. For example, it offers operator and user self-service applications and web capabilities for the FIDO authenticator lifecycle operations. Finally, the vSEC:CMS server connects to your IdP of choice to manage the FIDO authenticators on-behalf of the users.

vseccms-fido architecture
Versasec Hosting Environment

Deployment Methods for Enterprise Orchestration

vSEC:CMS on premise, including air-gapped: Control and flexibility while reducing external access and dependencies. Hosted in your own servers, following the security policies and guidelines established by your company.

vSEC:CLOUD (vSEC:CMS on the Versasec cloud): Enjoy the benefits of cloud services with flexible subscription packs. Deployed using an industry best practice architecture, managed and maintained by Versasec cloud operations experts.

vSEC:CMS on a virtual private cloud: Enable cloud benefits of high availability and scalability in your own managed cloud. Control the architecture and maintenance, security, operating systems, and software upgrades as well as all costs.


We’re glad you asked! FIDO tokens and smartcards are being added to our supported credentials page monthly. Please contact your Versasec representative for the latest updates and what is coming in the future. If you have any preferences, we’d love to know!

The paradox between FIDO and PKI comes down to the organization’s goals, users, budget, and systems in place. If you’re asking this question, you’re on the right track. Consider using one of our consulting partners in your region if you need further guidance, or our professional services team, specialized in FIDO enterprise orchestration.

You do not have to choose you can have both as vSEC:CMS can manage PKI and FIDO combined credentials to solve all authentication and PKI use cases. For more information, watch our FIDO webinar, PIV and FIDO: Defense Against Cyber Threats.

According to the “Recommended Best Practices for Administrators on Identity and Access Management” by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), “Authentication systems are the front doors to enterprise networks, applications and data. As such, attackers are highly focused on finding and exploiting authentication vulnerabilities.” 

They present a chart ranking the weakest to strongest types of multi-factor authentication. In the weakest, they place SMS or voice MFA. In the middle, app-based MFA, including OTP and mobile-push notifications. At the strongest, phishing-resistant MFA, including public-key infrastructure (PKI) and FIDO. To read more in detail about their conclusions and their advice, read the full article here.

Versasec offers many migration paths (wizard) from other credential management systems (CMS or SCMS). We also provide pre-built paths for:

To migrate to vSEC:CLOUD, customers do not need to be on vSEC:CMS, but can migrate directly from any other CMS/SCMS.

vSEC:CLOUD is a service of our credential management software vSEC:CMS. Fully subscription based and deployed in a virtual private cloud, Versasec will manage server hosting and upgrades for customers of all sizes.

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