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Versasec is the most trusted IT solutions provider in the identity and access management (IAM) space. Here you’ll find the latest news announcements, media coverage and product/press releases from Versasec.

Industry Leaders Join Forces: Versasec Partners with certSIGN

Versasec, a leader in highly secure identity and access management software, announces new technology partnership with certSIGN, a major developer of cryptographic…

Versasec Releases vSEC:CMS Version 6.7

Versasec releases credential management system vSEC:CMS version 6.7, supporting large smart card deployments, the passwordless journey, and an improved user…

Versasec and Sektor Group partner to address granular level identity security across Australia and New Zealand

Versasec announces partnership with Sektor Group, to address security in identity at the granular level, in the APAC region, with a focus on Australia and New…

Versasec Joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA)

Versasec Joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA)

Versasec Brandvakt partnership to deliver credential management

Versasec Brandvakt partnership to deliver credential management as a differentiator in West Africa and Brazil

Press Release: Versasec supports FIDO2 credentials in Azure AD

Versasec expands their identity orchestration to support FIDO2 credentials in Azure AD

Versasec Expands macOS User Application Functionality with Version 6.5

Versasec continues to expand the capabilities of the Versasec macOS User application, adding self-reissue certificate capabilities to the latest version 6.5.

Versasec and Entrust Partnership Creates “One-Stop Shopping” Experience for Credential Management with Integrated PKI

Cybersecurity Leaders Expand Long-standing Technology Partnership to Meet Evolving Customer Needs

Versasec Entrust Partnership Creates “One-Stop Shop”

Cybersecurity Leaders Versasec and Entrust Expand Long-standing Technology Partnership to Meet Evolving Customer Needs

Versasec Delivers Version 6.5 of Credential Management System

Version 6.5 of Versasec’s award-winning credential management system expands its identity providers to include Okta identity platform, and extends the functionality…

Versasec Announces Go-live of vSEC:CLOUD

The award-winning credential management system is now available as a highly flexible, quick set-up, automated service in a secure virtual private cloud.

Versasec Releases Version 6.4 of Award-Winning vSEC:CMS

Version 6.4 extends vSEC:CMS integration of top-market software solutions to now include Microsoft Azure Active Directory and extended credential management to…

Versasec Expands Partner Network in the Nordic Region With Ruby Cyber

Versasec Ruby Cyber partnership enforces the game changing strategy for the Nordic region.

Versasec Releases Latest Version 6.3 of Credential Management System vSEC:CMS

Version 6.3 of the award-winning credential management system now manages FIDO credentials and features a new user application interface.

Versasec, Knit Technologies Announce Partnership in Southeast Asia

The partnership strengthens digital transformation security in the ASEAN region.


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