Introducing vSEC:CMS 6.3

Date: 2022-04-11
Author: Anders Adolfsson, Intergalactic Product Manager

Introducing vSEC:CMS 6.3

Highly anticipated, vSEC:CMS version 6.3 is now available to all our users worldwide. As always, the entire team at Versasec rallied together to make this version with all its features and new integrations a reality.

The new version expands Versasec’s integration with supported credentials by adding FIDO management capabilities. The FIDO Alliance purposed FIDO to enable high-level authentication for web based apps, cloud and SaaS. A FIDO credential can leverage the power of a credential management system, allowing management of the FIDO credentials with the existing PKI credential management flows.

We also bring a completely new user interface for an enhanced design and experience in the vSEC:CMS User application. A new intuitive layout to bring functionality and design together. Here are some screenshots of the new interface.


vSEC:CMS now allows administrators to generate a new system master key in HSM using the AES algorithm. Once a new master key is generated all vSEC:CMS registered credentials can be updated so their keys are derived from the new AES master key.

The new version also incorporates a variety of enhancements, updates and automated tasks, including the following:

  • Integration with IdPs for enrolling FIDO credentials on behalf of users, fully integrated with Gluu IdP.
  • New vSEC:CMS User application with enhanced design and user experience.
  • vSEC:CMS can now generate AES master keys in HSM’s.
  • External permission validation is now also available for LDAP directories.
  • Updates to the PIN management of Thales eTokens.
  • Improvements to the DB restoring process.
  • Introducing performance tracking to identify environment bottlenecks.
  • Support for device certificates for Sectigo certificate authority.
  • Managed credentials PUC are now updated as part of the new master key generation process.

In the coming weeks, we will provide video demos and blogs for version 6.3 key features, step-by-step instructions on functionality. Download your evaluation copy today. You can find the full press release about the news here.


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