Stockholm, Sweden – May 17, 2021

Partnership: DigiCert and Versasec

Versasec Announces vSEC:CMS Integration with DigiCert Enterprise PKI Manager, built on DigiCert ONE; Versasec and DigiCert Ink Reseller Partnership.

Versasec, a leader in PKI based identity and access management, today announced they have extended their technology partnership with DigiCert, the world’s leading provider of TLS/SSL, IoT and other PKI solutions, via an integration of vSEC:CMS with DigiCert Enterprise PKI Manager, built on the DigiCert ONE platform, and a reseller agreement.

DigiCert Enterprise PKI Manager offers a flexible, unified approach to PKI management at scale. With DigiCert Enterprise PKI Manager, organizations can enable digital signing for large volumes of users and devices quickly, utilizing a containerized, cloud-native architecture that rapidly deploys digital certificates on-demand.

DigiCert Enterprise PKI Manager gives organizations the ability to:

  • Enable API-based automated device and user enrollment with digital certificates.
  • Integrate with leading MDM/UEM platforms for secure device enrollment and management.
  • Secure emails with authentication and encryption via S/MIME certificates.
  • Enable secure document signing across the organization’s physical and virtual network environments.
  • Integrate with the other DigiCert ONE workflow managers for secure code signing for software and IoT device security.

DigiCert ONE reimagines PKI with cloud-native architecture and container-based technology as the modern PKI infrastructure service for today’s security challenges. Built for deployment in minutes instead of months, the DigiCert ONE platform delivers end-to-end centralized user and device certificate management, providing high-volume certificate deployment for trust across dynamic IT architectures. DigiCert ONE is flexible and can be deployed on-premises, in-country or in the cloud to meet stringent requirements, custom integrations and airgap needs. With today’s announcement, DigiCert ONE can be configured out of the box with Versasec vSEC:CMS.

The integration of Versasec’s flagship product, vSEC:CMS, with DigiCert Enterprise PKI Manager brings world-class PKI security—required for strong authentication for physical and logical access of smart cards, USB tokens and virtual credentials—into one solution. The vSEC:CMS system has enjoyed a long-lasting, tight integration with DigiCert’s automated, cloud-based PKI platforms and is now extending this service to the DigiCert Enterprise Manager, built on DigiCert ONE for cloud, hosted, on-premises or any deployment model. Together, vSEC:CMS and DigiCert’s modern PKI platform services support Credential Management System (CMS) providers in a wide variety of security use cases from secure email, Wi-Fi device authentication, and secure remote access to mobile device management, document signing, and strong web authentication.

DigiCert’s PKI platform supports automated, high-volume and fast certificate issuance, as well as custom certificate request approval. The platform is built on a publicly trusted root compatible with all major operating systems and secure applications . In addition to certificate issuance and management for user and device certificates, the platform reduces costly configuration errors by eliminating the need for self-signed certificates and manual tracking. The platform also provides the flexibility to use various provisioning processes and supports leading mobile device management vendors.

Both DigiCert and Versasec provide maximum security, advanced customization options and reliability for their users. DigiCert Enterprise PKI Manager, configured to work with vSEC:CMS, provides a variety of benefits:

  • Fast implementation that takes minutes, rather than weeks or months
  • Intuitive user interface that improves operational efficiency
  • No hidden costs and low total cost of ownership
  • Capacity for any scale implementation, on-demand usage
  • Wide range of customization and deployment options, including for cloud, hosted, in-country, air-gapped or on-premises needs

“We have been working closely with the DigiCert team for years to ensure our joint customers can enjoy the benefits of vSEC:CMS with any of their DigiCert products, including today’s news about our work with the robust PKI managed service, DigiCert Enterprise PKI Manager, built on DigiCert ONE. Now, our reseller arrangement ensures DigiCert can be a one-stop shop for user certificate management and identity and access management,” said Joakim Thorén, Versasec CEO.

“We are excited to offer customers simple and automated certificate and identity access management for various PKI uses cases with the integration of DigiCert Enterprise PKI Manager, built on DigiCert ONE, and the Versasec CMS,” said Brian Trzupek, DigiCert Senior VP of Product. “DigiCert ONE modernizes PKI with automated workflow managers, containerized and cloud-native technology for multiple deployment options, and an ease-of-use for rapid deployment within minutes, not days or weeks.”

About DigiCert

DigiCert is the world’s leading provider of TLS/SSL, PKI, and IoT security solutions that enable digital trust for data, devices, code and users. DigiCert is modernizing the way PKI is managed with the DigiCert ONE platform. DigiCert ONE reimagines PKI to address all certificate-based security use cases with flexible, scalable and automated workflow managers, including the award-winning TLS certificate manager, CertCentral. Nearly 90% of the Fortune 500 and 97 of the 100 top global banks choose DigiCert for its digital transformation solutions and five-star customer support, including for 5G and the post-quantum computing age. For the latest DigiCert news and updates, visit or follow @digicert.

About Versasec

Versasec is the leading provider of state-of-the-art highly secure passwordless identity and access management solutions. With its flagship product, vSEC:CMS, Versasec eases the deployment of physical and virtual smart cards for enterprises of any size. Versasec’s solutions enable its customers to securely authenticate, issue and manage user credentials more cost effectively than other solutions on the market.

Versasec maintains its mission of providing solutions that are affordable and easy to integrate, coupled with first-class support, maintenance, and training. Versasec customers include HSBC, IMF, eBay, Northrup Grumman, EDAG, Hornbach, Raiffeisen Bank, SPGroup, Sunrise Regional Health, Banque Du Liban, Swiss Mobiliar, Cleveland Clinic, SERCO, KNPC and Sandia National Labs. Versasec has offices in Sweden, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Egypt, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

Versasec’s products and services can be purchased and delivered worldwide through an extensive reseller network and via the Versasec web site:

Follow us on Twitter (@versasec), LinkedIn (@versasec) and Facebook (@versasec).

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For DigiCert: Jeff Chandler, +1 801 701 9653,
For Versasec: Alan Ryan, +1 (508)


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