Services and Solutions

Versasec maintains strong, but vendor-independent relationships with major technology providers, helping us better assist our customers at each stage of developing a security infrastructure, including developing a business-driven strategy, system architecture and design, project management, training and ongoing maintenance.

The safety of sensitive data depends as much on careful planning and effective execution as on the technology itself. Versasec helps our clients understand threats to their environments. We then develop a sound strategy to mitigate risk and design a secure, flexible architecture to meet their ongoing security needs. By leveraging our integration and interoperability expertise, Versasec also can help clients integrate Smart Card technology into an existing or planned environment.


Versasec offers Smart Card and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology training services that helps clients understand the benefits of adopting Smart Card security and how various technologies and approaches can reduce risk. Armed with knowledge of key technology issues and business drivers, attendees can more effectively drive security initiatives forward within their organizations.

Software Development

Versasec's software development and interoperability experts build programs for clients that pull together all the elements of their security solution. When off-the-shelf software isn't available, Versasec engineers can develop the unique application needed.

Support and Maintenance

Versasec offers a wide range of support and maintenance packages for our software, as well as custom-developed source code or components. [more]

Managed and Hosted Services

Versasec offers managed secure solutions that allow customer organizations to focus on critical business objectives rather than hosting complicated solutions with very high security requirements. Our cloud-based services include systems for managing, ordering and operating smart cards. [more]