Batch Issuance and Revocation of User Credentials

Date: 2022-12-01
Author: Anders Adolfsson, Global Product Manager

Batch Issuance and Revocation of User Credentials

When deploying credentials to employees, organizations have the option to deploy and revoke in batches; perform audits and revoke in a way that will save time, resources, eliminate repetitive tasks and human error.

Versasec credential management effectively performs batch issuance and revocation of any type of user credential: physical and/or digital access, PKI or FIDO. For the full list of credential types supported by Versasec, visit:

Here is a quick video demonstrating Versasec batch issuance/revocation of user credentials.

Hardware to consider, for improving the batch issuance capability, purchasing when performing batch issuance are: printers for smart cards or industrial USB hubs for hardware keys. Currently, Versasec credential management supports smart card printer integration with:

  • Evolis Primacy
  • HID Fargo HDP5000
  • DataCard SR300
  • Magicard Prima 4
  • Matica 8300

For larger deployments, we offer issuing stations where one management console can perform batch smart card printing on several smart card printers in parallel. Learn more here:

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