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Date: 2023-07-25
Author: Versasec

Continuing the Versasec 2023 Summer Series! This year, we’re bringing you our favorite Versasec credential management system features as described from the minds of our fantastic experts all over the globe.

This week’s favorite feature comes from Faris Zainal, technical expert, based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.

“I chose the Connections Page, because it is one of the most powerful features. The connection page allows vSEC:CMS or vSEC:CLOUD to communicate and integrate with all other components such as Active Directory (AD), Certificate Authority (CA), Database (DB), etc. I feel this feature will be the most appreciated by the administrators. To be able to manage all these different ecosystems in one console. Without this, credential lifecycle management wouldn’t be possible.”

Our Connections Page is where most of the client administrators live day in and day out. Administrators can review the LIVE status of any connection at any given time and during its history, as well as easily navigate the multiple connections and verify they are working perfectly like it should.

vSEC:CMS Connectors

vSEC:CMS and vSEC:CLOUD will change your views on how to manage the lifecycle of user authentication credentials. They are an innovative, easily integrated and cost effective Smart Card Management System or Credential Management System (SCMS or CMS) that will help you deploy and manage credentials within your organization.

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