Founder Series: Introducing CTO, Joerg Dettmann

Date: 2022-09-08
Author: Gabriela Peralta, Public Relations & Marketing

Founder Series - Joerg

Introducing Joerg Dettman, co-founder of Versasec, and Chief Technical Officer (CTO). With vast experience in the software industry and a Master’s in Physical Chemistry from the University of Halle-Wittenberg, Joerg was the perfect addition to the Fab Four as a Founder of Versasec.

For Joerg, one of his most challenging and successful endeavors was developing an application for viewing and editing molecule structures, with quantum chemical calculations. In developing this application, Joerg discovered his passion for computer programming. Transitioning to IT, Joerg landed a job as a developer in a company that worked with public key infrastructure (PKI) and a PKI genius was born. It was in this company that three Versasec founders, Joakim, Paul and Joerg met and started collaborating together. First, across an ocean in different divisions, and finally, under one team, adding P-A, in the East Coast of the United States.

As CTO, Joerg Dettmann is the technical backbone of our vSEC:CMS. For 15 years he has worn many hats: Solutions Architect, R&D Manager and currently Chief Technology Officer. Joerg thrives in the investigation of new technologies, developing a credential management system with industry’s best integrations, performance, and user experience. Furthermore, Joerg understands the importance of the voice of the customer. Finally, he enjoys exploring new business opportunities that lead the innovation of new features.

Thank you, Joerg for your contribution, and dedication to Versasec and the IAM industry, you have brought cutting-edge solutions to the market.

Founder Series

Watch all the Founders videos on our YouTube channel: Per-Anders FjärdsäterPaul Foley, and Joakim Thorén. We appreciate you for accompanying us on this great journey of time travel, memories revisited, and personally meet the Versasec founders. Until our next video series, and thanks for all the social media wishes. We appreciate them all!

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