Enhanced Support for Microsoft KB5014754 Windows Update

Enhanced Support for Microsoft KB5014754 Windows Update

Previously we’ve spoken about the Microsoft KB5014754 update that fixes vulnerabilities CVE-2022-34691, CVE-2022-26931 and CVE-2022-26923. All certificates that do not meet the strong mapping criteria after the enforcement date will be denied authentication. To keep updated on Full Enforcement Mode date, follow Versasec Notice: CBA Changes on Windows Domain Controllers.

To elaborate, the Microsoft KB5014754 introduced a change to authentication certificates. Applying the change to certification authority servers adds a non-critical extension with Object Identifier (OID) It contains the user or device security identifier (SID). However, previously issued authentication certificates must be updated accordingly.

To address Microsoft KB5014754, Versasec has enhanced vSEC:CMS and vSEC:CLOUD to assist enterprises and organizations. The product enhancements identify the authentication certificates issued through Versasec products that need to be updated. With the latest product release, version 6.8, we have added a support console task to identify those certificates.

If you want access to the new support console functionality, you can download the latest evaluation version, version 6.8, on our downloads page. Please keep in mind the Microsoft change can impact your authentication. Further, if you would like to contact Versasec to assist you on using and determining what certificates need to be updated then connect with our Professional Service team at info@versasec.com.

Note: For customers with access to the Versasec Support Portal, access our step-by-step instructions in our technical article.


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Date: 2023-08-15
Author: Versasec

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