Our 2023 Wishlist

Date: 2023-01-12
Author: Gabriela Peralta, Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

Here we go! With a new year comes a renewed commitment to cybersecurity. We asked a few Versasec co-workers what they want to see in the cybersecurity space for 2023. And, this is what they answered.

Life with Modern MFA

“Over the last few years, organizations have focused on secure authentication. Organizations have and are continuing to deploy phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication (MFA). With this in place, the next logical step, and something we have seen an increase in adoption, is the signing and encryption of email communication using S/MIME”, answered Anders Adolfsson, Global Product Manager.

Availability and Accessibility

“What I saw in 2022 is that companies now know what they want in terms of security. However, they’re still not sure how to implement the best identity and access system for their organizations. Due to resources and budget limitations, security is still not at the forefront of many small and medium businesses. This is where companies like Versasec can help with off-the-shelf products to help manage security better, faster, and with ease of use. I’m very excited about our managed Cloud service, vSEC:CLOUD, and for organizations to leverage security they already have, but don’t know it’s available and accessible to them,” shared Carolina Martinez, General Manager.

Future-proof Security

“I want more small and medium businesses continuing to take action on one of the top IT priorities from 2022 – Security. With cloud efforts in security, businesses can get predictable costs with minimal upfront investments and move CapEx to OpEx, and that way maintain flexibility for what the future requires,” announced Ellen Thorén, Head of vSEC:CLOUD Operations.

Orchestration for MFA Credential Management

“For the last 25 years, I have wished, hoped and work to help improve authentication, the first step of security, so it will never be done using passwords again – slowly but surely we are getting there, and to me it looks like the speed of adoption of strong hardware-secured MFA is picking up in all segments!

Now I hope to see that orchestration and automation of all aspects of credential management is the next focus area,” stated Joakim Thorén, the CEO and Founder of Versasec.

What about you?

So much awaits us this new year. Looking forward to seeing our 2023 wishlist come true. Invite Versasec to walk alongside your organization’s 2023 cybersecurity goals, implement modern MFA, and take your credential management to the next level. Connect with us today.


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