PKI Cybersecurity is on the Rise in ASEAN: Here is Why

Date: 2021-08-31
Author: Tatjana Suhorukova, Business Development

PKI Cybersecurity is on the Rise in ASEAN: Here is Why

One of the world’s hottest markets for cybersecurity solutions today is the ASEAN (the Association of Southeast Asian Nations) region, where public key infrastructure (PKI) is on the minds of IT staff at every enterprise and government agency.

Chin Jien (CJ) Lau, Versasec’s APAC technical consultant based in our offices in Kuala Lumpur recently participated in a podcast discussion with Thales’s TAN Heng Hiang, ASEAN Regional Sales Director, that explored cybersecurity requirements, use cases and trends in their part of the world.

As CJ explained during the podcast, “Hardware -based PKI is essential in building a trusted and secure business environment by being able to verify and exchange data between various servers and users.”

One webinar viewer asked where companies like Versasec see the biggest demand for PKI. CJ replied that there are many requests coming from the government and enterprise organizations in Singapore. He added that organizations and agencies in The Philippines and Thailand are also getting heavily involved with PKI.

Thales’ Tan Heng Hiang added that the digitalization law in Singapore has pushed broader PKI use there. With digital signatures being viewed as a legally recognized form of signature, verifying the owner of that signature is important. He noted that during the COVID-19 pandemic, Singapore was exploring solutions to keep businesses moving along while protecting data and users, and PKI was recognized as one of the most critical elements.

The podcast also explored PKI-relevant business customer requirements as well as the benefits and advantages for enterprises using strong authentication solutions. If you missed the discussion live, we invite you to learn more about PKI by viewing the 30-minute session on demand:


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