Versasec Credential Management for Your Environment

Date: 2023-04-27
Author: Carolina Martinez, Vice President Americas

Versasec credential management for your environment

At Versasec, our top priority is empowering our customers with ultimate control over their security. That’s why we offer support for the widest range of credentials, certificate authorities (CAs), identity providers (IdPs), hardware security modules (HSMs), and other ecosystems on the market. With this approach, we’re enabling you to customize your security infrastructure exactly to your liking. Moreover, we’re excited to provide you with the flexibility to host our Versasec credential management in an environment that aligns with your unique security needs and policies.

Our on-premise Versasec credential management solution gives you complete control and flexibility over your environment’s connectivity. With this solution, you can customize and tailor your security infrastructure to meet your specific needs and preferences, whether you choose to be more connected or disconnected. Air-gapped environments with closed networks or with no internet connection are fully supported.

Versasec Hosting Environments

Versasec offers cloud hosted vSEC:CLOUD. Versasec SaaS hosted credential management allows you to redirect your resources away from time consuming tasks of server maintenance and upgrades. vSEC:CLOUD is available in flexible subscription packs and supported by Versasec premium support as well as a team of Versasec cloud experts.

vSEC:CMS deployed in your private cloud allows for a hybrid options, that provides high availability and scalability, cloud benefits, with the ability to still have control over the architecture, security, operating systems, and software updates. If you have an Azure or AWS private cloud, the vSEC:CMS deployed in your cloud is even easier, continuing to manage everything in one place.

Integration with cloud-native applications

It is important to distinguish all hosting/deployment options with Versasec allows you to integrate your system to applications that are cloud-based, such as Microsoft Azure AD. See all of our integration technology alliance partners. Further, with Versasec, customers can start on-premise and easily migrate to the cloud, should they need to, later on. And likewise, from the cloud to on-premise.

Schedule a 30 min complimentary consultation with our identity experts for more details on your hosting of choice! We serve every region of the world, contact us today.

Download the Versasec Hosting Environment pdf resource.


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