New Integration: The Matica EDIsecure Smart Card Printer

Date: 2023-04-14
Author: Anders Adolfsson, Global Product Manager

If you’re looking for an efficient way to print and issue smart cards for your business or organization, Versasec can be a game-changer. With a wide smart card printer portfolio, Versasec can help you streamline your smart card management tasks. With our products, smart card printers provide an efficient way to print and issue smart cards simultaneously, for users at large and small businesses and organizations. In this way, increasing time efficiency and accelerating large deployments for enterprises. Today, we will look a closer look at our latest printer integration, the Matica EDIsecure smart card printer.

With smart card management systems, businesses and enterprises can manage their smart cards in a centralized manner. Among them, card issuance, revocation, and data management. Printers allow organizations to quickly personalize smart cards with user information, such as name, photo, barcodes, and other personal details.

Versasec’s integrations

Additionally, Versasec facilitates large deployments allowing businesses to take advantage of the integrations available through Versasec. One of the unique advantages Versasec offers for printer integrations is batch smart card processing: batch issuance and batch revocation. With this feature, businesses can perform audits and revoke in a way that will save time, resources, eliminate repetitive tasks and human error. Watch a quick demo on Versasec batch issuance and revocation.

For larger deployments, Versasec offers issuing stations where one management console can perform batch smart card printing on several smart card printers in parallel. Learn more here:

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Matica EDIsecure printers with version 6.7 release

“I am very happy to announce that vSEC:CMS now can make use of the Matica EDIsecure card printer to batch process credential management tasks such as smart card issuance with printing. The much-awaited integration opens up new and exciting opportunities for us, our partners and customers,” said Joakim Thoren, founder and CEO of Versasec.

“Besides the functionality of printing graphics to smart cards they act as a great tool for large deployments – when there is a need to manage large quantities at once. With the use of our issuing stations which makes use of several printers in parallel we can increase the bandwidth to batch process huge volumes of smart card complete with Certificates, PIN policies, physical access configuration, and more.”

Upgrade your security

Incorporating Versasec into your business or organization can greatly enhance security and efficiency. Contact Versasec today to learn more about how we can help you manage your smart cards with purpose and efficiency.


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