Versasec-Okta Technology Integration

Date: 2022-11-02
Author: Anders Adolfsson, Product Manager

Versasec-Okta Technology Integration

Okta, a leading identity platform, verifies identity for user login into internal and third-party applications using existing enterprise credentials. With version 6.5, Versasec customers can centrally manage the issuance and revocation of their user FIDO credentials in the Okta Identity Platform, streamlining the lifecycle processes.

“Integration between Versasec and Okta identity platform is a major step forward in our FIDO management journey. Now our joint customers can benefit from fully orchestrating the lifecycle of both FIDO and PKI modern authentication devices. It enables a complete zero-trust ecosystem with phishing-resistant technologies, and provides a cost-effective system by reducing operational costs,” announced William Houry, VP of Global Sales at Versasec.

Video Demo

Today, we have a quick demo demonstration of the credential enrollment to Okta identity provider (IdP) and then performing a certificate-based authentication to Windows, and a FIDO authentication to Salesforce.

Let’s take a look.

Using FIDO managed by Versasec credential management offers a secure integrated authentication. Whether PKI or FIDO authentication (or both), suits your organization, Versasec elevates credential management for organizations worldwide.

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