Mobile Certificate-based Authentication with Microsoft, YubiKeys, and Versasec

Date: 2022-11-10
Author: Anders Adolfsson, Product Manager

Mobile certificate-based authentication with Microsoft, YubiKeys, and Versasec

Last week, the Yubikey became the first and only external device that supports certificate-based authentication (CBA) on Android and iOS. We congratulate Yubico for this innovation in close collaboration with Microsoft.

Yubico believes certificate-based authentication “has been a staple of governments and high security environments for decades, long before the invention of FIDO U2F and FIDO2, mostly due to its reliability and effectiveness in physical environments. With Executive Order 14028 on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, the adoption of CBA and other phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication methods are mandated for civilian federal agencies in the US.”

Yubico’s announcement comes after working closely with Microsoft, who earlier announced their support of Azure AD CBA on mobile, both Android and iOS platforms. Users will now be able to have the same highly secure experience on their mobile that they are used to with Yubikeys on their computers.

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With Versasec credential management, Yubikeys can be enterprise-mobile-ready. Versasec and Yubico have enjoyed a long-time technological alliance, with Versasec being the first credential management system to manage Yubikeys.

See how easy it is to issue Yubikeys with Versasec Credential Management and authenticate to Outlook on an Android phone using Yubikey with NFC. Let’s take a look.

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