Version 6.3 Introduces a New User Application Interface

Date: 2022-06-02
Author: Anders Adolfsson, Product Manager

Version 6.3 Introduces a New User Application Interface

vSEC:CMS 6.3 has a new interface for its user application! With the latest release of our award-winning software for managing digital identities, the user application has a modern user interface that brings design and functionality together.

Watch and experience the new interface, while we demo:

  • Self-issuance of a user credential
  • Self-perform a PIN unblock
  • Customization options for home screen and features

With the new version release, our in-house software developers redesigned a new interface while implementing best practices for a modern user experience. Focusing on user experience, the menu has been changed, aesthetics, the flow between screens, and simplifying the number of options the user sees at one time, alongside customization options.

If you have not gotten the chance to download the latest version of vSEC:CMS, do it today!

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