Yubico and The State of Global Enterprise Authentication

Date: 2022-12-16
Author: Gabriela Peralta, Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator

Yubico and The State of Global Enterprise Authentication

Yubico’s survey “The State of Global Enterprise Authentication” investigates the authentication landscape worldwide, from perceptions of entry-level employees to business owners, and 2022 progress. Great insights behind the reason why multi-factor authentication (MFA) has been slow to adopt despite technological innovations in IT.

Most answers brought insight to the cybersecurity community, including us at Versasec. Among the 16,000 responses, ranging from employees to VPs, 16% companies limit the use of MFA. According to the survey, it is because they are not concerned with cyber attacks. In other words, they don’t think MFA is really necessary. Out of the American companies surveyed, 26% responded likewise. The YubiKey inventor goes on to investigate how important security is at the leadership level. Their finding was that only 38% of companies worldwide speak about cybersecurity in board meetings. Another figure revealing cybersecurity isn’t top of mind for many companies.

Perhaps the most concerning insight, a fifth of respondents disclosed their belief that passwords were the most secure form of MFA. As a key player in MFA authentication, we are just getting started when it comes to preaching passwordless. Passwords bring vulnerabilities to organizations in ways they can no longer afford.

Despite discouraging survey results, hope glimmered in the end. 23% of responders chose authenticator apps (like Google Authenticator or Okta) as the most secure method for authentication. This resonated with Yubico as revealing awareness in users of what makes authentication secure. Of course, for Yubico, those who chose hardware security keys (16%) as the most secure, brought even more assurance of awareness of multi-factor methods. Yubico reminded readers hardware security keys are considered phishing-resistant. Even if an attack initially succeeds compromising the user login credentials, the attackers cannot compromise the second MFA layer. They are locked out of the account and the attack fails.

What can we conclude about the state of global enterprise authentication?

Companies worldwide, employees at various leadership levels, are getting the message. There is an awareness of cyber attacks being present, but not enough importance given. As a result, we’re seeing companies not implementing the right solutions, nor putting in place strong enough authentication methods.

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